Saturday, May 21, 2016

Facebook is creepier than ever, collects too much data

A few weeks ago, we went to eat out. And at the mall, we decided to eat chicken wings. This is a photo of our plates.

While eating, I briefly checked my Facebook. And I saw this ad.

Strange coincidence, i thought. I kept scrolling down and this second advert appeared:

I don't know what kind of algorithm Facebook uses to guess that we're eating chicken wings, but that's scary.

Last week, it started suggesting people (like my neighbors or old acquaintances) whom we have zero friends in common. I'm guessing it's because it's matching phone numbers. A Facebook friend posted sometime ago that after making a call to a guy, Facebook suggested to add that guy as a friend. Is there any limit to privacy and private information?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Beitelnessim, a wonderful bed and breakfast in Tripoli's Mina

Photos taken February 2016 when I stayed in the hostel for one night. The rooftop Lebanese breakfast was really nice.
More info on their website: