Monday, September 2, 2013

Hadwane هدوان: great dairy products on the road to the Bekaa

Laiterie Hadwane (Hedwan, Hedwen هدوان) is one of the best places for fresh dairy products in Lebanon, as well as natural jam. It's on the road to the bekaa, when heading downhill, in the town of Mreijat. These are a few pictures I took on Sunday. At Hedwan, I had a goat labneh sandwish with vegetables. My friends had goat cheese and other cheese sandwiches. We all finished with arish'eh with honey and banana (pictures). I added a picture for you to visualize the sign and building facing Hedwan. It's tricky to spot because it's rigth after a corner, heading downhill towards Sh'taura.
The restaurant is on point B on this Google map
Their menu

Cheeses and labneh in dozens of flavors and forms


A Hedwan innovation: goat labneh in dates لبنة ماعز وبلح and Rawad jumping into my frame

She makes great sandwiches!

ٍشنكليش Shanklish with multiple flavors

Arish'eh (yogurt based) and honey and banana

If you see this building and skip this sign, you would have to turn back!

Rawad jumping into my frame every-time!!