Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lebanese and Palestinian NGOs discuss ownership of real estate property by Palestinian refugees in #Lebanon

Today, the representatives of over 30 Lebanese association and human rights organization met at Galeria Hotel in Beirut, with representatives of the Campaign for Palestinian Refugees Real Estate Property Ownership in Lebanon. The campaign was founded by 12 non-governmental organizations working in the Palestinian community in Lebanon.

During the meeting that I contributed to organizing, a presentation was given of the initiative to amend the law on foreign ownership of real estate and to remove the prohibition of real estate property ownership for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. In 2001, the Lebanese Parliament amended the 1969 Presidential Decree on foreign acquisition of property and prohibited Palestinians from owning property, a right they had for decades.

The campaign said that the prohibition of real estate property ownership contradicted the principle of non-discrimination, human rights principles and Lebanon’s international obligations with this regard. A one year plan of action was discussed, aiming at mobilizing public opinion and gaining support for affording the right to own real estate property for Palestinians in Lebanon. The Lebanese associations submitted their questions and gave their input. A significant number voiced their support to the campaign and their willingness to join it.

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