Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meeting with Prime Minister Mikati today morning

Today, a group of civil society representatives had a meeting with Prime
Minister Mikati. All in all, approximately 36 NGOs and organizations
were represented covering all thematic issues. We went in just as
Lebanese University professors were going out from their lobbying
meeting with the prime minister (they want a raise in their salaries).

The meeting went well. But in 30 minutes, we were only able to talk
about the new electoral law, taxation reform and social justice, and
Palestinian refugee rights. When it came to women's rights, things
turned 'negative' to say the least. The prime minister stated that we
need to structure our cooperation and find mechanism of cooperation. I
said that we have multiple interlocutors for Palestinian refugee rights,
the Lebanese Palestinian Dialog Committee, the Minister of Labor, the
Parliamentary committees namely the one currently updating foreigner
property ownership laws. At that point he said that he's seeing tomorrow
MP Robert Ghanem, head of the justice and administration committee and
that he will set up the meeting for the Palestinian rights groups with
MP Ghanem.

...to be continued...

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