Monday, June 13, 2011

Wikileaks, Housing Rights and Afghanistan: Documenting Gross Housing and Land Rights Violations as War Crimes

Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN) issued a special report on “Wikileaks, Housing Rights and Afghanistan: Documenting Gross Housing and Land Rights Violations as War Crimes”.

This special report reviews various sources documenting violations of housing and land rights, including gross violations and grave breaches that amount to war crimes and/or crimes against humanity. It provides illustrative examples from monitors on the ground, investigative journalism and the raw material that has emerged from Wikileaks` 2009 release of the "Afghan War Diary" documents. The paper provides a framework and typology for addressing such violations in the context of conflict, occupation and war, including by prosecuting the responsible parties and providing reparations for their victims.

The link to report:

Today morning: Fatteh de Chez Le Professeur (Mar Elias street) followed necessarily by a strong coffee

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Date, One Place: Let’s all stand against #torture in #Lebanon

CLDH (Lebanese Center for Human Rights), a Lebanese NGO active in the fight against torture through documentation, denunciation, lobbying and service-providing would like to dedicate the inauguration of its new office to the support of the victims of torture in Lebanon and all over the World.

Time: Thursday, June 23 · 3:00pm - 7:00pm | Location: Dora, St Joseph Hospital Street, Bakhos Building (facing St Joseph pharmacy), 7th floor

In June, the "International day in support of victims of torture" is indeed an opportunity that can not be missed to stand once again alongside the victims of torture - and against this practice and all inhuman, cruel or degrading treatments.

Every day that passes in Lebanon and in the world reminds us that torture, a set of retrograde practices of another era, still exists and daily harms men, women and children who will remain scarred for the rest of their lives.

CLDH is pleased to invite you to join its team on this international day to express your solidarity with the victims along with fellow partner NGOs representatives from ALEF (Lebanese Association for Education and Training), Human Rights Watch and Al Karama for human rights. Victims, activists, embassies, institutions and any interested person is cordially invited to join this event, that will include a press conference, a film screening and a debate… The commemoration will be followed by a cocktail on the occasion of the opening of CLDH new office.

Please feel free to invite your families and friends. We will be very pleased to meet you on June 23.

Facebook event:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Anti-torture sit-in on June 26 and a fresh case of torture in the renowned Makhfar Hbeish

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported today that a man who had sent a package to Australia was tortured in Hbeish police station (Makhfar Hbeish, Hamra, Beirut) upon Australian report accusing him that the package contained drugs. A second Australian report cleared the man and said that there was a "technical" error in the testing done. Hbeish police station is renowned for torturing crime suspects. Many of which are later cleared from any wrong doing, such in the case, in 2010, of a Syrian falsely accused of robbing and selling a mobile phone. The mobile phone in question was sold by a Lebanese (the son of the Syrian's employer in Hamra) who managed to steal the Syrian's ID and use it when selling the phone (IDs are required by law for selling used mobile phones).

And in the Daily Star: Anti-torture sit-in planned to pressure government

BEIRUT: A Lebanese center for rehabilitating victims of torture announced Thursday a week of activities scheduled for later this month, including a sit-in to pressure the government to honor its commitments to prevent torture in the country’s prisons.

Mohammad Safa, the secretary-general of the Khiam Rehabilitation Center for the Victims of Torture, made the announcement during a news conference at the Press Federation in Beirut.
“Just like every year, the Khiam Rehabilitation Center for the Victims of Torture will mark June 26, the U.N. International Day in support of Victims of Torture, under the international campaign organized by the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture, and the U.N. and humanitarian organizations,” Safa said. The U.N. Convention against Torture entered into force on June 26, 1987.

Safa said that the international campaign would focus this year on poverty “because it is the path to torture, violence, killing, drugs, terrorism and all human rights violations.”


This year’s activities will culminate in a sit-in entitled “Poverty is Torture, Sectarianism is Torture, Discrimination is Torture,” to be held in Downtown Beirut near the Grand Serail at 11 a.m. on June 26.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

في تحديات مقاطعة إسرائيل انطلاقا من لبنان

وسام الصليبي*، جريدة السفير، 28 أيار 2011
في مقابلة مع تلفزيون الـبي بي سي، في أيار 2011، سُئل أحد منظمي مسابقة اليوروفيزون الموسيقية عن أثر «السياسة» في المسابقة. بدأ جوابه من لبنان وإسرائيل قائلا إنه عندما حاول لبنان الانضمام إلى المسابقة من خلال متبارٍ لبناني، اشترط المنظمون اللبنانيون عدم بث فقرة غناء الفريق الإسرائيلي على التلفزيون اللبناني. رفض منظمو مسابقة اليوروفيزون، وانســحب لبـنان من المسابقة الأوروبية، وترك الساحة مفتوحة أمام الإسرائيلي.
منظمو «الـوورلد برس فوتو» World Press Photo في بيروت اعتقدوا مؤخرا أن بإمكانهم تمرير صور إسرائيلية في معرض في بيروت. فقد كانت الرهانات المالية والثقافية على المعرض عالية، بالأخص أن المسابقة هي من أرقى المسابقات في العـالم وكانت محور مجموعة نشاطات موازية في «أســواق بيروت». إلا أن «تسريب المعلومــة» من أحد الزوار الناشــطين في مجال حقوق الإنسان حرك مجموعات شبابية والإعلام ووضع حدا