Monday, May 30, 2011

Objects in the mirror look closer than what they appear in reality (Cartoon)

Arman Homsy's cartoons in Annahar are incredibly expressive. This one is
on the Lebanese Civil War, memory and the 1975 bus attack that started
it all...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Video: "15 May 2011 Palestine March of Return" legal fallouts

Friday 27/5/2011 at the Press Syndicate H.Q.s, Al Ramla Al Baida, Ras Beirut. Omar Nashabeh (Arabic) and Salah El Dabagh (Arabic then English) spoke of possible legal steps to prosecute the Israeli responsible authorities for their criminal acts against the peaceful demonstrators on 15/5/2011 at the Lebanese border village of Marun al-Ras.

حرمان من اللجوء الى آليات العدالة
عمر نشابة، السبت ٢٨ أيار ٢٠١١

«إن التمسك

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Legal and Medical Press Conference TOMORROW on “15 May Palestine Return March"

يدعوكم أهالي ضحايا مسيرة العودة في 15 أيار

 لحضور مؤتمر صحافي للإعلان عن التحضير لاتخاذ الإجراءات القضائية لإدانة ومقاضاة المسؤولين الإسرائيليين عن الأعمال الجُرمية بحق المتظاهرين السلميّين في مارون الراس بتاريخ 15/5/2011، وللمطالبة بفتح تحقيق دولي حول ذلك.

وذلك يوم الجمعة بتاريخ 27/5/2011 ، الساعة العاشرة صباحاً

في مقر نقابة الصحافة، الرملة البيضاء، بيروت


Press Conference on "15 May Palestine Return March" by Families of Victims

 The families of the victims of the "15 May Palestine Return March" invite you to attend a press conference on Friday 27/5/2011 at 10 a.m. at the Press Syndicate H.Q.s, Al Ramla Al Baida, Ras Beirut.

The purpose of the conference is to announce preparations to take legal steps to prosecute the Israeli responsible authorities for their criminal acts against the peaceful demonstrators on 15/5/2011 at the Lebanese border village of Marun al-Ras and to request the formation of an international commission to investigate these acts.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Syrian civil society activist Amjad Baiazy has been held incommunicado since his arrest at Syria’s Damascus International Airport on 12 May

Syrian civil society activist Amjad Baiazy has been held incommunicado since his arrest at Syria's Damascus International Airport on 12 May. Amnesty International believes that he may be a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression. He is at serious risk of torture and other ill-treatment.

Amjad Baiazy, a Syrian citizen, was arrested while about to board a flight to the United Kingdom, where he formerly studied and was planning to reside. His family in Syria have had no contact with him since his arrest but it appears that he is being detained by State Security, a branch of the Syrian security police, in Damascus. The authorities have disclosed no reason for his arrest, as far as Amnesty International is aware, and no charges are known to have been brought against him.

Amjad Baiazy's arrest and detention is probably linked to the current violent government clampdown on public protests which has seen hundreds of people killed by the security forces since mid-March. The authorities have carried out mass arrests of real and suspected opponents, protestors and dissidents, hundreds of whom remain detained incommunicado and have been subjected to enforced disappearances. Many have reported torture and other ill-treatment after their release, heightening concerns for Amjad Baiazy's safety.

Amjad Baiazy's civil society activities included working with Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) in 2007 and acting as an international observer and interpreter for the International Mission for Iraqi Elections (IMIE) in 2005 for elections to Iraq's Council of Representatives.

PLEASE WRITE IMMEDIATELY in Arabic, English, French or your own language:
n        Expressing concern at the arrest and incommunicado detention of Amjad Baiazy and urging his immediate and unconditional release if he is a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for the peaceful exercise of freedom of expression or other human rights;
n        Asking for confirmation of his place of detention, the reason for his arrest and his legal status, and calling for him to be fully protected against torture or other ill-treatment;
n        Urging the Syrian authorities to take immediate steps to name and disclose the whereabouts of all political detainees and to give them immediate access to lawyers of their choosing and their families and any medical treatment they need, and to safeguard them from torture and other ill-treatment.

Bashar al-Assad        
Presidential Palace
al-Rashid Street        
Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic        
Fax: +963 11 332 3410
Salutation: Your Excellency

Minister of Interior
Major General Mohamed Ibrahim al-Sha'aar        
Ministry of Interior
'Abd al-Rahman Shahbandar Street        
Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
Fax: +963 11 222 3428
Salutation: Your Excellency

And copies to:
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Walid al-Mu'allim        
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
al-Rashid Street
Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic        
Fax: +963 11 214 6251
Salutation: Your Excellency

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Get well soon Munib

I met yesterday with members of the family of Munib Al Masri who was
shot in the back by Israeli soldiers on May 15th on the Lebanese border.
They're organizing a press conference this week to demand justice for
what has happened. The two photos are from the intensive care unit walls
in American University Hospital.
I wonder when we will see the Israeli soldier who shot brought to trial,
along with the soldiers who killed the 12 unarmed demonstrators on the
His Facebook support page:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Counterinsurgency and Spatial Power: Lessons of Warfare and Occupation From Palestine to Iraq - Talk at AUB next week

Talk by Steve Niva, Evergreen State College, on "Counterinsurgency and Spatial Power: Lessons of Warfare and Occupation From Palestine to Iraq".

Thursday, May 26, 3:30pm - 5:00pm
American University of Beirut, College Hall, Auditorium B1

Abstract: This talk will discuss how Israel's strategies and technologies of spatial incarceration, particularly its use of walls and checkpoints to confine the Palestinian population into spatial enclaves, were exported to Iraq by the U.S. military in 2007 as part of its new “surge” counterinsurgency strategy.  The U.S. adoption of Israeli strategies of spatial incarceration reflects a broader turn towards techniques warfare that some term strategies of biopower--forms of power applied across a population over their basic life functions – in order to control and/or contain rebellious or unwanted populations.  The American application of these techniques, however, differs from Israeli usage. Spatial incarceration in Iraq is characterized by positive biopower that seeks to shape the livelihood of the population so that it will accept its neo-colonial occupation. In contrast, Israel's use of spatial incarceration is characterized by negative biopower that seeks to diminish the livelihood of the population as a form of abandonment and suppression in what amounts to a more ‘classic’ colonial form of occupation. 

More info:

War of Choice - How Israel Manufactured the Gaza Escalation - by Steve Niva
Dr. Steve Niva is a professor of Middle East studies and international politics at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., and is a ...

Steve Niva - Sharon's Fingerprints on Latest Suicide Bombing
Counter Punch. January 9, 2003. Sharon's Fingerprints on Latest Suicide Bombing. By STEVE NIVA. I t is difficult to imagine that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel ...

Steve Niva - Academic Program Pages at Evergreen
Steve Niva teaches International Politics and Middle East Studies at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. His primary areas of research and writing include ...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some media available on Sunday's May 15 border demonstration and the ensuing Israeli killings

Khaled Saghiyeh in Arabic

Andrew Bossone's video:

ania El Khoury's take

Moe Ali Nayel

Sean Lee

Matthew Cassel's pieces for CIF and AJE

close up video from CNN -

More videos

Including this guy carrying an anti-tank landmine:

Maha's photos:

The UN human rights expert on the 63th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba

Geneva -- On 16 May 2011 the Special Rapporteur on the situation of
human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, Mr. Richard Falk,
marks the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba, the catastrophic beginning of
the Palestinian tragedy of dispossession and occupation, with the
following statement.

"I commemorate Nakba this year dismayed by the killing of demonstrators
observing the day in the occupied Palestinian territory and elsewhere in
the region. Since the Nakba on 15 May 1948 Israel has continuously
confiscated Palestinian land in order to build illegal settlements and
populate them with Israeli citizens. It is astonishing that no one in
the international community has stepped forward, after 63 years, to
coerce Israel to comply with international law. Israel's legacy of
ethnic cleansing persists, and manifests itself in an array of
challenges to the security of residency for Palestinians living under

"The construction of the Wall inside the West Bank results in an
additional 12% of land confiscation and demolition of Palestinian homes,
in flagrant defiance of the Advisory Opinion of the International Court
of Justice.

"This past week seven Palestinian families in the West Bank village of
al-Walaja received demolition orders. This is a reminder that the Nakba
continues. Israel's pursuit of what it calls 'facts on the ground'
consistently forces Palestinians to abandon their homes, lands, and
lives, creating a reality better understood as virtual annexation.

"This is a particularly notable Nakba anniversary, as it coincides with
the release of information confirming that Israel secretly revoked as
many as 140,000 residency permits of Palestinians between 1967 and 1994.
This is not only another violation of Israel's obligations as the
Occupying Power under the Fourth Geneva Convention. It is also a glaring
example of several sinister schemes that Israel has employed over the
years to rid historic Palestine of its original inhabitants, in order to
make space for Israeli citizens.

"The international community needs to take urgent action to compel
Israel to end its confiscation and occupation of Palestinian land."


In 2008, the UN Human Rights Council designated Richard Falk (United
States of America) as the fifth Special Rapporteur on the situation of
human rights on Palestinian territories occupied since 1967. The mandate
was originally established in 1993 by the UN Commission on Human Rights.

Learn more about the mandate and work of the Special Rapporteur:

OHCHR Country Page – Occupied Palestinian Territories:

OHCHR Country Page – Israel:

Monday, May 9, 2011

"Hit a Pole Day" today on Beirut roads

One electric pole hit, and one phone lines pole downed, ahead of the
Museum crossing.
And one crossing-lights pole down at the beginning of the main Hamra street.

Monday, May 2, 2011

مشاهد من مظاهرات "إسقاط النظام الطائفي" بقلم الرفيق عبد الرحمن

توصيف للهذيان الجماعي:

خمسة عشر شاباً وفتاة يهتفون في مظاهرة، "الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام"، وعندما وصلوا إلى عمارة في طور البناء خالية من أي روح، صاحوا: "ياللي واقف علبلكون، نزال شوف شعبك هون"

عجبي !!!


في التناقض و النفوس و النصوص:

بينما كنت أمشي في الممر الضيّق أمام مبنى الإسكوا لتفادي الحشود المتظاهرة التي كانت تهتف بكل عنفوانها "مساواة، عدالة إجتماعية، لا للطائفية"، محاولا الخروج من المظاهرة، أحسست بأياد من ورائي تدفعني بقوّة. وعندما إلتفتّ، صاح بي شاب عشريني: " موكب خاص، إفسح الطريق، شخصيّة مهمّة تريد المرور".

عجبي !!!


في وصف "الواسطة" الحلال:

قرر خمسة وعشرون شابأ وفتاة، في يوم أحد ربيعي مشمس، أن يقتحموا مجلس النواب تحت شعار " العنف الثوري ". وعندما وصلوا إلى نقطة الحاجز الأمني، عدّلوا عن الفكرة، وقرّروا أن ينصبوا خيمة أمام الحاجز تحت شعار تكتيكي آخر: " العصيان المدني الجماهيري".

وبعد نصف ساعة من الشعارات ورقص الدبكة على إيقاع أغنية لعاصي الحلاّني، جاءت الخيمة الصغيرة. وما فتأت أن رفعت حتى صادرها رجال الأمن. وعندما سألنا الشباب عن الخطّة البديلة، قال أحدهم:" نحن الآن نحاول الوصول إلى زياد بارود لكي يسمح لنا بزرع الخيمة".

مغزى القصة: إن "الواسطة" الحلال هي أي "واسطة" تؤدي إلى إسقاط النظام الطائفي الزبائني اللبناني المسؤول أصلاً عن تلك "الواسطات" الحرام.

عجبي !!!


إلى من لا يريدون أن يتعاملوا مع أي حزب داخل السلطة:

س: ما هو الفرق بين الحزب الشيوعي والحزب السوري القومي الإجتماعي بعلاقتهما بالسلطة الطائفية؟

ج: الحزب الشيوعي لم ينجح في الإنتخابات البرلمانية التي خاضها ضمن قوانين النظام الطائفي.


فكرة عابرة:

في آخر مظاهرة مركزية في بيروت، وجب تغيير شعار " الشعب يريد ... " إلى " الحزب الشيوعي يريد ... " و "صوت الشعب يريد ...".   


في نظرية العنف الثوري:

سألت شاباً، بعد إنفجار الجلسة العمومية لحركة إسقاط النظام الطائفي في مسرح بيروت في عين المريسة: " لماذا تضاربتم في الآخر وكسّرتم الكراسي وصرختم في العالي وأخفتم الناس وأنهيتم الإجتماع بهذا الشكل الدرامي الرديء؟". فأجابني بحكمة: "يا عزيزي، هاي المجموعة ما بيفهمو إلا بالعنف الثوري"

عجبي !!!

في السياسة و المسايسة و اللون الرمادي:

قرر خمسة وعشرون شاباً وفتاة بأنّه قد حان وقت الحشود أن تفترش الأرض وتنصب الخيم في إعتصام جماهيري عارم في ساحة الشهداء في مدينة صيدا العزيزة.وتبنّى النائب السابق والزعيم المحلّي – عضو تحالف 8 آذار – أسامة سعد – هذه الخيم. وبالفعل، نصبت هذه الخيم تحت "حمايته".

و بعد أسابيع، شارك المخيّمون في التحضيرات لمظاهرة لإسقاط النظام الطائفي الغاشم تقام في صيدا.

وفي ذلك اليوم الصيفي المشمس من صباح الأحد، قرر المتظاهرون والمنظّمون والمخيّمون بناءً على مبدأ، قاطع كالسيف، وهو عدم التعامل مع تحالفات 8 و 14 آذار، أن يطردوا النائب المحسوب على 8 آذار و عضو حزب البعث الإشتراكي العربي قاسم الهاشم، بطريقة عنيفة وعملية جداً أدّت إلى الضرب وترعيب الناس وخروج 100 عائلة من هذا الحراك في خلال 20 دقيقة فقط.

بعدها بأيّام، طارت الخيم في صيدا، كما تتطاير أوراق الشجر في فصل الخريف، وتعالت أصوات المجموعات المنظّمة لحراك "إسقاط النظام الطائفي" تنتقد الحدث بأنه مؤامرة- 8 و14- آذارية، لكسر التحرّك و وقف رياح التغيير في لبنان.

عجبي !!!


قصة صغيرة:

كانو عشرة...

قالو للناس في ضو بآخر الممر،

وشاورو على القمر.

صاروا ثلاث مائة ...

إختلفو في السياسة ... صارو مجموعتين ...

ما اتفقو على شكل التنظيم ... صاروا ثلاث مجموعات ...

حضّرو، نظّمو، علّقو ، وزّعو، آمنو ، صرخو

وصّلو رسالة مع 20,000 شخص

إنو بدنا نظام يعمّر ناس مش كومة بحص...

بس كبر الراس بدون كرّاس

حبّو السلطة و جو الإعلام بدون أي تحضير للكلام...

و تخانقو، و كتبو عن بعض، و صرّخو عالتلفزيون،و كسّرو كراسي،و ضربو نائب،و نزّلو يافطات ...

ورجعو إنتقدو حالهن بدون ما يتغيّرو،

وكتبو ورقة سياسية، واختلفو عليها،

وتخانقو كمان، ورجعو تحالفو،

بس مامشي الحال هالمرّة، وعلى مين اللوم؟

ورجعو اجتمعو العشرة مثل أول يوم.


بس لسه في 20,000

و تنكة البنزين صارت ب40,000


عبد الرحمن الزعزع


Videos and Photos from Palestinian Refugees Demontration for Right to Work in #Lebanon ahead of Labor Day

The Palestinian-Lebanese coalition for the right to work for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and civil society and political organizations, organized a large demonstration ahead of Labor Day, demanding Palestinian civil and socio-economic rights in Lebanon, namely the right to work, in front of ESCWA building, Beirut on Saturday 30 April. Speakers (in Arabic, in the video, 36 minutes, download in full here) included representatives of parliamentary groups of Al Wafa' Lil Moqawama (Hezbollah), Progressive Socialist Party (Jomblat) and Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party. Leila El Ali, head of Najdeh Association, spoke on behalf of the organizers.