Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The demonstrations program for Palestinian rights in Lebanon for the coming month

A youth campaign against Palestinian division and calling for unity among the Palestinian people was launched on 27 March 2011 with a demonstration in Shatila followed by a march on 3 April 2011 in Bourj al Barajneh. On 30 March in commemoration of Land Day, the campaign began collecting signatures from Palestinians in Lebanon who are calling for an end of the division.

On 30 April, there a demonstration for the right to work and civil and socio-economic rights for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon in front ESCWA / the Lebanese Parliament. I'm helping in drafting the memo for Parliament. It is organized and called for by Palestinian NGOs and Political factions in Lebanon.

On the 15th of May, there's the demonstration of return of Palestinians in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, towards the border, and it seems to enjoy a broad support among civil society and political parties in Lebanon and the Palestinian community.

The bad thing here is that, also on the 15th of May, simultaneously, there's Lebanon's Laique Pride March in Beirut!

And on Sunday, April 24, between 3:00pm  and 5:00pm, there's a demonstration in Saida. Below is the info:

Are you a Palestinian living in refugee camps in Lebanon? Are you a Palestinian university graduate still looking for a job? Are you a Palestinian who has been living in Lebanon since 1948? Join us in a protest in Saida, Lebanon, this Sunday at 3pm! Raise your voice, Raise your Palestinian Flag! Facebook event link

Sunday, April 24 · 3:00pm - 5:00pm
صيدا، الانطلاق من مقابل مبنى الانروا، المدينة الصناعية القديمة
تفصل بين صيدا و فلسطين 60 كم
لكن كم تفصل بين الفلسطينيين و حدود فلسطين؟
انت فلسطيني عايش بالمخيم (المحاصر)
انت فلسطيني خرّيج جامعة (قاعد بلا شغل)
انت فلسطيني بيحكي بإسمك مسؤول (انت ما انتخبته)
انت متضامن مع الفلسطينيين بلبنان من 48 (و لسا ما رجعوا ولا نالوا حقوقهم المدنية)
شارك بمسيرة
"الشعب يريد الى فلسطين سبيلا"
 معا سنسير في احياء صيدا رافعين صوتنا والعلم الفلسطيني فقط

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