Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Online Course in Leadership, Organizing and Action

Last night, I started the Harvard e-course in Leadership, Organizing and
Action. The first session was truly great and the software for,
Elluminate, is very smart. The course is lead by professor Marshall Ganz.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Video: Celebrating in Beirut the Victory of the Egyptian People over Tyranny

At T-Marbouta Cafe in Hamra on 11 February 2011.

In this photo, it's written "Mubarak leave!", but with the first letter in "leave" scratched out, it becomes "Mubarak has left".

Norman Finkelstein on Prosecuting Israelis and Americans for War Crimes

In January 2011, Norman Finkelstein gave a talk at the American University of Beirut. In this excerpt below, he calls for a special tribunal for Lebanon to hold accountable Israelis who killed civilians in 1978, 1982, 1993, 1996 and 2006. Why does justice begins and ends with Rafic Hariri, he asks. He adds "Let's have a an STI, the Special Tribunal for Iraq to prosecute US leaders for their crimes against Iraqis, Clinton and Bush. "Everything that Israel did in Gaza, the U.S. did in Iraq".

Friday, February 11, 2011

Civil society organizations in Lebanon demonstrate: We will not forget Jawaher Abu Rahmah

These are photos from today's demonstration in front of the ESCWA. 150 persons, mostly women, were present.
The statement (see below) was handed over to the ESCWA secretary general, El Baker Adam.
It was signed by dozens of non-profit organizations working in Lebanon with both the Lebanese and Palestinian communities.
For more information: http://stopthewall.org/factsheets/2462.shtml

'Too Many Enemies: The Palestinian Experience in Lebanon' available for download

'Too Many Enemies: The Palestinian Experience in Lebanon' --
out-of-print for so long -- can now be read or downloaded at the
following addresses:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

المنظمات الأهلية العاملة في الوسطين اللبناني والفلسطيني للتضامن مع النساء الفلسطينيات ضد العنف الإسرائيلي

شاركت جواهر أبو رحمة يوم الجمعة  في 31 كانون الأول 2010 في مظاهرة ضد جدار العزل الاسرائيلي اللذي يبنيه جيش الاحتلال في قريتها بلعين في الضفة الغربية في فلسطين المحتلة. هاجم الجيش الاسرائلي المظاهرة بعنف بقنابل الغاز المسيلة للدموع.  وماتت الشهيدة جواهر بسبب إستنشاق الغاز ليلة راس السنة للعام ٢٠١١. وقد أتى موت جواهر بعد عامين تقريباً من مقتل شقيقها في مظاهرة شبيهة بتلك التي استشهدت بها.

وبمناسبة  مرور اربعين يوم على استشهاد جواهر أبو رحمة تدعو " الحملة ضد جدار العزل" الى تنظيم نشاطات تضامنية في العالم أجمع. من هنا تتشرف  المنظمات الأهلية العاملة في الوسطين اللبناني والفلسطيني للتضامن مع النساء الفلسطينيات ضد العنف الإسرائيلي  بدعوتكم للمشاركة في إعتصام يوم الجمعة الموافق في 11 شباط 2011، الساعة 10:30 صباحاً، أمام بيت الأمم المتحدة/ الأوسكوا في وسط بيروت، استنكاراً لمقتل جواهر ودعماً لصمود النساء الفلسطينيات وتضامناً مع الشعب الفلسطيني، ورفضاً لسياسة العنف الاسرائيلية والظلم ضد المظاهرات السلمية الفلسطينية.


انضموا إلينا في 11 شباط 2011، حاملين الأعلام الفلسطينية لنقل للعالم أجمع بأننا  نرفض سياسة العنف و الجرائم التي يرتكبها الاحتلال الاسرائيلي الظالم.


-       لا  تنسوا جواهر أبو رحمة

-       كونوا مع النساء الفلسطينيات ضد العنف الاسرائيلي

-       اتحدوا  في دعم نضال الشعب  الفلسطيني ضد الأبارتهيد الاسرائيلي لارضهم و حقوقهم و كرامتهم

لمزيد من المعلومات عن الحملة  الشعبية ضد الجدار في اللغة الانكليزية  هنا:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lights, camera, activism

Human rights abuses hit Beirut’s big screen
Aline Sara , January 31, 2011   
By inverting the roles of the MDW and Lebanese “Madame,” Wissam Saliby’s film titled Being a Migrant Domestic Worker: Sri Lankiete Libanieh (My Sri Lankan maid is Lebanese) pokes humor at the lopsided interaction between the two parties.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Commemorate Land Day 2011 by Joining the Global #BDS Day of Action

Commemorate Land Day 2011 by Joining the Global BDS Day of Action
30 March 2011

The BDS National Committee (BNC) is calling on you to unite in your different capacities and struggles to join the Global BDS Day of Action on Land Day, 30 March 2011, in solidarity with the Palestinian people's right to self determination on their ancestral land.

Inspired and buoyed by the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia and their unique manifestation of courage, dignity, civility and determination, we stand resolutely with worldwide struggles for self determination, freedom, democracy, social justice and equality, and we call for intensifying BDS actions globally as the main form of solidarity with Palestinian rights.

The Palestinian Land Day commemorates the day in 1976 when Israeli military forces shot and killed six young Palestinian citizens of Israel. These brave youth were among thousands protesting the Israeli government's expropriation of Palestinian land to build new Jewish-only colonies and expand existing ones. Today, Land Day symbolizes Palestinian resistance to Israel's ongoing land expropriation, colonization, occupation and apartheid. We salute and stand with the similarly popular and determined Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings, confirming that struggles for freedom, justice and equal rights everywhere are one. To the people of Tunisia and Egypt we say: "Your struggle is ours, as ours is yours. Your freedom is ours, as ours is yours."

At this time, we are also reminded of the 20th anniversary of the failed attempts that started in Madrid in 1991 to make peace without justice and human rights. The recently revealed "Palestine Papers" have confirmed beyond any doubt what has already been known to many: Israel refuses to comply with international law and rejects all forms of just peace, regardless of any steep concessions offered by unelected and unrepresentative Palestinian officials. As in the heroic struggle for freedom and against apartheid in South Africa, it is evident today that only sustained, effective and morally consistent international pressure -- especially in the form of creative, context-sensitive BDS campaigns -- can compel Israel to abide by its obligations under international law and respect Palestinian rights, foremost among which is our right to self determination and freedom.

Inspired by a century of Palestinian civil resistance, the South African anti-apartheid movement, and the intifada of the Egyptian and Tunisian peoples, the BNC calls on people of conscience all over the world to join the global BDS Day of Action through engaging in effective, creative and visible actions. We specifically call on you to:

1. Launch and support divestment initiatives to encourage and pressure individuals, pension funds, institutions and corporations to shed their investments in Israel in order to feed and profit from Israel's war, occupation and apartheid economy;

2. Take initiatives to boycott products and services of Israeli and international corporations that sustain Israel's apartheid, colonialism and occupation;

3. Pursue legal action towards ending Israel's impunity, including by investigating and prosecuting in national courts and international tribunals Israeli war criminals and corporations that are complicit in Israeli violations of international law.

4. Urge artists to join the spectacularly growing cultural boycott of Israel by refusing to provide a cultural fig leaf for Israeli apartheid. Artists and cultural figures in South Africa, Ireland, the UK, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, India, Australia, the U.S., Brazil, Norway, Sweden, among others, have heeded the