Thursday, January 27, 2011

Globalization: a Tunisian burns himself to death and takes down #Mubarak with him #Egypt #jan25

The Egyptian regime shut down Facebook today. Which is more motivating to leave your computer, take the streets and demonstrate: a Facebook event invitation, or waking up and finding that you can't access Facebook at all?

When the regime closes down Facebook and Twitter, doesn't that signal to the masses of people who are hesitant to take the streets that the regime is SCARED and that it is shaking and that it believes that it can fall? Doesn't that motivate people even more?

This is globalization and the fall of Arab barriers. A Tunisian burns himself to death, leading to the fall of the Tunisian dictator. Egyptians take the streets. Unrest in Tunisia. Protests in Yemen. Upcoming protests in Bahrain. Lebanese demonstrators move from one embassy to the other in Beirut in solidarity, trying to organize before the dictator falls.

When US and EU spokespersons declares that the contagions will not spread, aren't they acknowledging that the Arab mass of freedom marchers IS contagious? Aren't they acknowledging that the people are longing to freedom but "they will keep calm".

What is happening right now in the Arab world is first and foremost the fall of the theory of the clash of civilization. We the people are moved by aspiration for freedom and economic justice, not by imagined global identities.

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  1. Good observation, opression cannot last for ever. The most important lessons learned are that people doen't care about the external threats when internaly freedoms, social and economic justice are lacking in addition to the disparities due to the high level of corruption and exclusiveness