Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Video making training with the Shankaboot team

I got invited to the Shankaboot training on film making. The photos are the view from Batoota audio-visual production office where I took the training.

The training included info on producing/directing for web vs. TV and other media, stories, characters and scripts. We got an introduction to video recording devices, more specifically, recently released and much talked about Nokia N8.
I already shoot video and have my own http://wisam.blip.tv/ channel, but it's always good to know the basics. Especially if Maya Zankoul is also a participant.

Now I am doing a special video on racism against migrant domestic workers that will be published soon.

During one of the breaks, we had a discussion on how far realism can go in Lebanon. Shankaboot was far more in touch with reality than Marwan Najjar's maintream productions, but there are issues such as sectarianism and the (in)security situation which cannot be reflected easily. I invited them to bring the Palestinian camp and youth issues into Shankaboot. The script writer said that they had thought about that, but no decision was taken.

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