Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Video making training with the Shankaboot team

I got invited to the Shankaboot training on film making. The photos are the view from Batoota audio-visual production office where I took the training.

The training included info on producing/directing for web vs. TV and other media, stories, characters and scripts. We got an introduction to video recording devices, more specifically, recently released and much talked about Nokia N8.
I already shoot video and have my own http://wisam.blip.tv/ channel, but it's always good to know the basics. Especially if Maya Zankoul is also a participant.

Now I am doing a special video on racism against migrant domestic workers that will be published soon.

During one of the breaks, we had a discussion on how far realism can go in Lebanon. Shankaboot was far more in touch with reality than Marwan Najjar's maintream productions, but there are issues such as sectarianism and the (in)security situation which cannot be reflected easily. I invited them to bring the Palestinian camp and youth issues into Shankaboot. The script writer said that they had thought about that, but no decision was taken.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

بيروت خيمتنا

بيروت خيمتنا
سميح شقير يغني محمود درويش
* البوم "قيثارتان" عام 2009

تفاحةٌ للبحر نرجسةُ الرخام
فراشةُ حجرية بيروت شكل الروح في المرآة
ووصف المرأة الأولى ورائحةُ الغمام
بيروت من تعبٍ بيروت من ذهبٍ وأندلسٍ وشام


قمرٌ على بعلبك ودمٌ على بيروت
يا حلو من صبّك فرساً من الياقوت
قل لي ومن كبّك نهرين في تابوت
ياليتني قلبك لأموت حين أموت


أفقُ رصاصيّ لنا ترى في الأفق
طرق من الصدف المدور لا طرق
من المحيط إلى الجحيم و من الجحيم إلى الخليج
ومن اليمين إلى اليمين ومن اليمين إلى الوسط
شاهدت مشنقةً فقط

أحرقنا مراكبناوعلقنا كواكبنا على الأسوار
نحن الواقفين على خطوط النار
نعلن ما يلي :
بيروت تفاحة والقلب لا يضحك وحصارنا واحة في عالم يهلك
سنرقّصُ الساحة ونزوّجٌ الليلك


ولو أَنّا على حجرٍ ذُبحنا لن نقول نعم
نحن الواقفين على خطوط النار
نعلن ما يلي
لن نترك الخندق حتى يمر الليل بيروت للمطلق وعيوننا للرمل
بالبدء لم نُخلق بالبدء كان القول
والآن في الخندق ظهرت سمات الحمل
بيروت خيمتنا
بيروت نجمتنا



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Participating this week to the Forum on Youth Participation

I am participating this week to the Forum on Youth Participation Lebanon, held in Beirut, 18 to 20 October, which is part of the Civil Society Organizations preparatory committee and meeting, which is part of the Forum for the Future VII to be held later, headed by Qatar and Canada. There are four Simultaneous Working Groups: 1. Political Participation 2. Social Involvement 3. Economic Inclusion 4. Cultural Enrichment. I'm contributing to the Cultural Enrichment working group, and we're having good discussions. I just hope our recommendations will reach the Forum for the Future! Here are some photos.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Women Abuse Survey in Lebanon asks about Sect

Questions: What religious sect does the family belong to? (If the abuser was not a family member, please specify his sect, not the abused woman's. NB: this is not for sectarian purposes)

I wonder what they means by "sectarian purposes"?!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The most meaningless phrase I have encountered in the past few weeks

"This landmark decision has the potential to change the lives of the
billions of human beings who still lack access to water and sanitation,"
she said of the resolution adopted yesterday by the Geneva-based Council.

Taken from:Right to water and sanitation is legally binding, affirms key
UN body, http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=36308&Cr=water&Cr1=

Since when does a single decision by a UN body make a change in the
lives of millions, not billions. Where are we at with the Millennium
Development Goals?

Civil Wedding Special Packages to Cyprus

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Demonstration in front of the Lebanese Ministry of Interior in Solidarity with a Sudanese human rights activist on a hunger strike

Dr. Abed El Meneem Ibrahim, a Sudanese human rights activist has been
on a strike hunger since 6 days. He is demanding the Lebanese government
to release the detained Sudanese with no reason in the prisons now and
in the same time demanding the Sudanese embassy to take an official
stand to protect the community from the official racist actions that
they are subjected to on daily basis.

Photos from the gathering at 17:30 yesterday at the Sudanese Cultural
Club in Hamra, and of the demonstration in front of the Lebanese
Ministry of Interior in Solidarity with a Dr. Abed El Meneem Ibrahim.

منذ ستة ايام يضرب الناشط الحقوقي السوداني د.عبد المنعم في المركز الثقافي
السوداني إحتجاجا على الإعتقال التعسفي للاجئين سودانيين صدرت أحكام
بالإفراج عنهم. ويطالب بالإفراج عن المعتقلين تعسفا وإنتخاب هيئة جديدة
للمركز الثقافي السوداني بدل تلك المعين أعضاؤها من قبل السفارة السودانية.
ومع بدء إنتشار خبر الإعتصام تداعى عدد من الناشطين السياسيين والحقوقيين
الى التضامن مع عبد المنعم ومطالبه رفضا للسياسات العنصرية تجاه العمال
والعاملات واللاجئين واللاجئات الأجانب خاصة من قبل الأمن العام اللبناني.
حيث تعج سجونه بكم هائل من اللاجئين وطالبي اللجوء أكثرهم من هو محتجر عن
غير وجه حق.

Friday, October 1, 2010