Monday, September 27, 2010

Our janitor was sad today

He came to me when I was parking my motorcycle in the garage. He didn't say a word but I felt something was wrong. So I went with him to his ground floor one room apartment. He then confided that his application for resettlement was rejected for the second or third time by one of the resettlement countries. He is Iraqi, a recognized refugee with papers from UNHCR, and illegally resident in Lebanon. He's been to jail 3 times
already for illegal entry, and release after spending his jail term because it is not possible to deport him to Iraq. His wife and children live in another area. They're all without legal residency, smuggled into Lebanon, although recognized as refugees.
"Seven years in Lebanon and still hope of a better place. Pro-Saddam people and murders were resettled and not my family. Why?" he said.
He had the Christian channel on TV, and photos of Virgin Marry in several places. He's the second Christian Chaldean janitor we have. The one before him was resettled with his family to Australia. Iraq has been emptied from its Christian minority. It's saddening.

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